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Case Study

Case 1 - Cosmetic Dentistry - Crowns and Veneers

  • Beforecase1 before
  • Aftercase1 after

This gentleman was not the most regular of dental patients and his teeth and gums show this! He was given good Preventative advice to stop the decay and gum disease and then his teeth were restored with a combination of porcelain veneers and crowns. Take a look at the 'masculine' appearance of these crowns and veneers compared to the 'feminine' appearance of the other cases.

Case 2 - Crowns

  • Beforecase2 before
  • Aftercase2 after

This lady had a congenital staining and softening of her teeth (they came through this colour). She had put up with the problem for most of her adult life because she had been told that nothing could be done about it. The softness meant that the teeth had worn quite badly so she had the combined aesthetic problem of poor colour and shape plus the functional problem of badly worn teeth.

A nice aesthetic smile was achieved with the use of the latest etched porcelain veneer crowns. The lady was delighted and said that "it had changed her whole life.

Case 3 - Bridges

  • Beforecase3 before

    Gum recession has exposed the edges of this bridge but the dark lines are due to the metal substructure showing through

  • Duringcase3 during

    By replacing the bridge with an "all porcelain" bridge the dark margins are gone and the bridge has more translucency, so looks much more natural

  • Aftercase3 after

    With the lips at rest this is the normal view. The new bridge has character and vitality

Case 4 - White Fillings

  • Beforecase4 before
  • Aftercase4 after

Case 5 - Implant placement where there was no bone

1. This patient lost an upper canine tooth due to gum & bone disease. The result was a huge loss of bone meaning that an implant could not be placed according to standard practice.

  • case study

    Clinical picture -doesn’t look too bad?

  • case study

    CBCT scan confirms almost no bone beneath

2. The patient was very keen to have an implant and prepared to go through the surgical grafting procedure.

  • case study

    CBCT scan showing titanium mesh in place

  • case study

    Conventional radiograph of site

3. After a few months new bone has grown into the defect. This is the patient’s own bone (no animal products used).

  • case study

    CBCT section before treatment

  • case study

    CBCT section following grafting

4. The grafting procedure produced lots of new bone, which then gives a natural gum contour. This gave an excellent aesthetic result.

  • case study
  • case study

Case 6 - Dental Implants

  • Beforecase5 before
  • Aftercase5 after

This young female patient had lost a front tooth as a result of a sports accident and decided to have the tooth replaced at our dental practice in Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire. The problem was further compounded by poor quality surgery for the extraction. The result was significant bone loss and a tissue defect causing serious aesthetic problems. (There was hardly any bone or gum and this would have meant a very long, unsightly tooth). She came to us hoping for a miracle!

This was a complex and demanding case but it was successfully treated over fourteen months with a block bone graft, tissue plastic surgery, and implant plus crown. She was delighted and now has her lovely smile back again.

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